Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Le Shat Noir

What do you get when you combine ex-members of The Cripples, The Gloryholes and Hot Rollers? Le Shat Noir. In the Queen's English, that's The Black Shit. Nice. The band sounds like a garage rock band that's had a bloody head on collision with psychedelic synth punk band. There's elements of all the members aforementioned bands present, along with bands like Big Black, The Epoxies, The Lost Sounds, Wire and more. But really they are in somewhat uncharted waters, replacing the lead guitar with fuzzed out noisey keys, keeping the intensity of a punk band, and totally distorting the vocals. Good crazy somewhat experimental stuff, and they slay live. These photos are from their show last Saturday at the Monkey Pub. They have a few song online here. Catch them while they're still new, hot... and steaming.


Anonymous said...

Shitcore, baby.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for the props. I'm glad to see that folks are digin what we're trying to do.