Friday, November 6, 2009

Gloryholes reunion show on Saturday!

Not to discount the other bands on this bill or that it's a release party for the soundtrack to the rollerderby movie "Blood on the Flat Track," BUT... The Gloryholes are having a reunion show! The Gloryholes were one of my favorite garage-noise-punk-rock bands of the first half of this decade and I can't wait to see them live again.

The Gloryholes were formed by Doug White and Ward Reeder from the garage punk band the Sinister Six after that band broke up. Joining the them were two women, Shelly Corwin (now in The Heels) on guitar and Melanie Belanger (now in The Sweet Spots) on bass, and the band was rounded out with Chris Kenan on guitar as well (Chris is also in The Sweet Spots). They released full length albums on Empty and Dirtnap and had a slew of singles and compilation cuts, but what they are most remembered for is probably their live show. If you've seen Doug in any of his past bands (The Feltchtones, Sinister Six and currently Le Shat Noir) you know the score, if not, lets just say he's one of the most energetic live singers you'll ever see. He jumps all over the place, rolls on the ground, climbs across bars and tables and has even sung a song from the toilet at Funhouse. The guy is a maniac on stage, and backed by the rest of The Gloryholes, it was probably his most rockin' band. Seriously, they put on one hell of a show, don't miss their action Saturday night at Funhouse. Here's a photo of the band by Amy from a few years ago:

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Doug said...

Actually, I was the last to join the band. Shelly and Melanie started it, broutght Ward in and he drafted Chris and then me.