Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Storeroom

I've mentioned before going to shows at the old Storeroom Tavern on Eastlake, an old school tiny dive bar that hosted punk shows in the early '90s. The place was the subject of Zeke's first single, "Fight at the Storeroom" and I have many fond memories for me from shows and drinking there. Yesterday I stumbled upon an old issue of Hype with a great article/interview on the spot and scanned it for nostalgia's sake (click for full size):


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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan. Dick Thinker here.

I'm a long time listener but first time caller. Love the Show.

A friend sent me a link to your mention of the subs. I was flattered that you recall.

I'll always remember the beauty of fireworks in Seattle and that huge radio antenna thing we stood under, talking. I recall your girlfriend ,frequently. 4th of July is great in Seattle.

We got ripped off in Sf on June 30--my birthday. They got my 800w head, my boots and my hair clippers, all our records, Jeff's and Ricky's heads and our meager schwag.

Yes, I now watch a lot of Fairly Odd parents. It all didn't screech to a halt because of the boy. I was jettisoned nearly ten years prior to my wiener's success, because of creative differences that included, but were not limited to falling down loaded and being unable to play (though I am unable to play sober as well).

I played afterwards with Master Mechanic, who had looser coherence restrictions.

The Subs did a couple of trips to Europe and play on occasion. They Played in West Virginia to Celebrate Chris henry ( our roadie/tattoo guy)'s Birthday in the spring with the Blanks.

Thanks for such a nice and accurate recollection. I have hundreds of seven inches of subma, if anyone cares.