Monday, September 15, 2008

The Bronx show review

So Saturday night I cruised up to King Cobra to see The Bronx. I met up at the nearby Satellite with my friend Charlie for beers beforehand. We wandered over to the venue a little after 9pm, and to our surprise, The Valkyries had already played The Girls were already halfway through their set. Singer Brown was stripped down to his skivvies and the band was sweat-covered and rockin' out. I don't think I've seen the band play with the new line-up yet, but they were super energetic and fun. Since I broke my camera last week, I was borrowing one of Amy's, a wider format Kodak digital camera, which got pretty good results after I got the hang of it. Here's The Girls:

Up next were The Bronx. I'm pretty sure this was the first mixed show at King Cobra (all-ages plus a bar area for over-21 folks). The set up worked pretty good, the main floor area was all-ages, the main bar and all of upstairs were 21+. They had a chain link fence separating the two sections on the floor that gave an industrial vibe to it. The Bronx immediately tore into their set after they took stage. And they were on, they played all their hits from their two albums, focusing mostly on the faster stuff like "Heart Attack American" and "They Will Kill Us All," which both had the crowd all singing along and the singer diving out into the audience. Multiple times singer Matt Caughthran invited the audience to the stage to dance and a zillion kids jumped around before they were pushed off by security. Awesome. The energy level and positive feeling in the crowd was infectious, Caughthran began to just smile out at the crowd any time he wasn't singing and talked between songs about how great Seattle and the audience was, how much fun he has playing shows here. I haven't seen a singer smile so much on stage looking out at the audience since Jerry A of Poison Idea, Caughthran was just feeding off of the audience and then giving it back to us. Too often these days, you don't get that anymore, so it's kinda magical when it happens. A few pix:

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