Monday, January 12, 2009

Vandemonium reunion show!

Vandemonium was formed in 1999 by a bunch of women who had no idea how to play music, but felt inspired by bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile and united by their love of vans. For four years they rocked around Seattle, most notably playing some kick ass Pho Bang shows. Recently the band started practicing again and this past weekend played a reunion show for guitarist Beth's 40th birthday. I'm not sure if they are going to do any more shows, but they were totally fun Friday night. Hear a few songs on their MySpace page.


Anonymous said...

Where was this show played?

Dan 10Things said...

At the Rendezvous, in the Grotto/basement level. You can rent it for $150 and get a sound person and bartender for the lower bar. But it isn't a big space.

agathafrye said...

Go, sister Courtney! I mean, Cookie Puss! Thanks for documenting, Dan.