Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seattle Street Art

Found in the Post Alley of the Pike Place Market near the entrance of The Alibi Room:

I'm particularly amazed by the wall that's completely covered with bubblegum, click it for the larger version and full effect. Has anyone notice it before? It has to be decades in the making and I've walked through that alley dozens of times and never noticed it. The other night it kinda stood out, because as I rounded the corner into the alley it was the backdrop to one of the oddest photoshoots I've ever stumbled upon.

There was a guy dressed in a full leprechaun suit complete with giant fuzzy head fake fucking a woman dressed as a little school girl in a white bra, white thigh highs and short plaid skirt from behind. Right when I'd taken in the scene, the girl fake puked out a mouthfull of white substance, probably milk. Huh. And then the photographer started yelling at some girl walking in front of us for taking a picture of the scene with her camera phone, "NO PHOTOS PLEASE! NO REALLY, NO PHOTOS!" She kinda shrugged "Whatever dude," after all it's a public alley, you can't really restrict people from taking photos in public spaces. The photoshoot will probably end up on the front page of The Stranger or The Sinner for St. Patrick's Day.

But back to the wall of gum. It's both gross and awesome. There are so many pieces upon pieces it looks like a work of art from a distance. I wonder if I could talk anyone into licking it on a dare?

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