Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brown Derby's adaption of "The Goonies" is fucking hilarious!

Sloth and Chunk triumphantly catch back up to the rest of the Goonies and foil the Fratelli brothers in Brown Derby's adaption of "The Goonies":

Last night I went to Ian Bell's Brown Derby adaption of "The Goonies" at Re-bar. Totally fucking packed and totally fucking hilarious. Seriously. And tonight is the last night, you should go. And I'd recommend getting there when the doors open at 6:30pm, when I got there a little before 7pm the line was 50 people deep and I wasn't sure I'd get in.

Ian Bell has a 10 Things connection too. Back in the early years of the zine, before I was raking in enough ad revenue and sales to afford to have a printer fully assemble the zine, Parker and I brainstormed the idea of "assembly parties." We'd buy a keg and let everyone drink for free if they would collate, fold and staple 100 issues. Realize 10 Things was up to 60-80 pages by then, so it would take about and hour of walking around a table putting them together. But the promise of free beer worked great. Sure, we ended up getting underage kids drunk and had some sloppily put together issues (and yes, a few with porn stapled in them and there was the time someone stage dove the table full of zine pages), but it turned out to be a fun way to put the zine together. And a bunch of friends and contributors lived in a U-District house and volunteered to host a few of the parties, which was awesome, Ian was one of the housemates and always a fucking crack up, even back then. I know, totally random.

Anyway, I'm a huge Goonies fan, as well as a fan of irreverent, goofy, over-the-top, humor full of sexual innuendos. Throw in some low-fi sets and costumes, half-assed acting reading from scripts, drag queens, intermittent dance numbers or full cast lapsing into quoting commercials, and you have one funny play that will leaving you laughing out loud more than groaning when the jokes start rolling.

The Goonies run into Ma Fratelli (played by Jackie Hell) as they try to track down One-Eyed Willie's treasure:

The Re-bar is located in downtown Seattle at 1017 Stewart Street. The Goonies is $14, doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 7:30pm and runs about two hours with one intermission. 21 and over, full bar.

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