Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bob Kondrak's funeral service details

This is a photo of The Buzzbombs that Bob took back in 1999:

I heard back from Bob's son Kuri, the funeral service is open to the public and I'd like to encourage anyone that had a connection with Bob through the music scene to attend. Here are the details:

Bob Kondrak's Memorial Service
2pm on December 12, 2009
At Evergreen Washelli, 11111 Aurora Ave. North

And who knew, in these fancy internet times you can watch a memorial service online. I know Bob had a lot of friends from the Goner, Terminal Boredom and Banana Truffle (old school Usenet) forums where he went by tet68, Bongo White or his real name. If you're not in Seattle, you may want to watch online, here are the details:

WHEN: Live Event Saturday, December 12 2009, 05:00 pm EST

IMPORTANT Please Note: This is Eastern Time (New York Time) please adjust your schedule to be available at the appropriate time.


You can upload photos, videos and comments by accessing the event link.
For later viewing of the event, please access the link approximately
24 hours after the event.

The location ends up having a punk rock photo tie in, which is perfect for Kondrak. I'm pretty sure the Evergreen Washelli cemetery was featured in the photo on the cover of the early punk rock single by Solger:

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