Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Heels

The Heels put the garage back in all-girl groups! Comprised of Kirsten and Heidi from The Hot Rollers, Shelly from The Gloryholes, and a bleach blond named Paula up front, The Heels play catchy and funny garage rock'n'roll. They've only played a handful of shows in Seattle so far, but they've already recorded and proved to have their shit together both times I've seen them live. Hear them right here or catch them live December 15th at Funhouse, January 5th at the Monkey Pub or January 25th at The Rendezvous.


Dougie Felchtone said...

God Damn the guitar player is hot!

Dan 10Things said...

A hot mamma!

jeffrey said...

Any drummer who is comfortable playing in a skirt is A-OK in my book.