Monday, December 17, 2007

More on the Crocodile Cafe closing

From Crocodile booker Eli Sanders:

"I also want to reiterate that the Croc's closure came as a TOTAL SURPRISE to everyone who worked there, myself included. I spent the last three weeks on my life work there 60+hours per week, frantically convincing agents/bands/promoters that it was okay to book shows there because I believed it was. Obviously if I knew we were going to close I wouldn't have been putting so much work into securing the Croc a solid spring schedule. I'd like to apologize to any band or agent or promoter who I inadvertently lied to in the past few weeks.

I feel really betrayed by the club's sudden closure. It was no mystery to anyone who cared that the Crocodile was losing money. But I really do feel that we had the right people in there, with the right attitude and that we were going to turn things around. I was very much looking forward to throwing myself into the job and doing everything in my power to assure that the Crocodile Cafe became the club that it deserved to be. I cared deeply about the place and everything it stood for. So to have the wool pulled over my eyes and the rug pulled out from under my feet is just insulting.

I'd also like to say that I got the VOICE MAIL about the Croc closing while I was Christmas shopping if only because it adds a delicious Dickensian twist to the story. Here's to hoping that the local music community shows up at my apartment tonight with a fat Christmas goose.

Oh! And if anyone has a lead on a job...I kinda need one..."


Anonymous said...

If only they booked more types of music that people cared about...

Dan 10Things said...

They seemed kinda all over the map with what they booked, mainly focusing on indie rock. I think the only two shows I've been to there in the past few years have been a metal show with Early Man, Priestess and The Sword and The Riverboat Gamblers/Bronx show. Back in the '90s though I saw some great shows... DOA, MDC, Poison Idea, Mudhoney, Murder City Devils, Zeke, Tad, The Dwarves, Sicko, Scared of Chaka, Zipgun, RC5, Gas Huffer, "CrocShock," etc.