Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Last Croc Show: Riverboat Gamblers & The Bronx

I'm glad the last Crocodile Cafe show I went to, back July 6, 2007, was a doozie! I've already posted my photos of The Bronx from the gig. They were one of my most anticipated bands to see live in a long time and they didn't disappoint (although their sound was bad, which was odd, Croc soundman Jim Anderson was known for getting the best sound out of bands for the space). Also on the bill was the Riverboat Gamblers, it was the second time I saw them and boy did they put on a show. The lead singer was everywhere, in the audience, hanging and climbing off stuff, culminating with him climbing onto the fake tiki hut style roof over the little band room of to the left of the stage. Needless to say it rules to see a lead singer with a cast still on from his last performance injury hanging on to a lamp's chord 15 feet above the audience while singing. That's some fucking rock and roll right there. Check this action out:

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