Thursday, March 6, 2008

10 Things Northwest Punk Compilation Vol. 2

While I refer to this CD as "10 Things Northwest Punk Compilation Vol. 2," its real title was longer and ridiculous... "A Comp for the People Who Give a Fuck: Fuck the Nazi Law." Catchy! Jason from the band Potbelly in Idaho did a lot of the organizing for this compilation and I think named it. It came out in 1999 and featured 20 Northwest punk and hardcore bands, and inexplicably one California band. I of course plugged it in 10 Things and helped promote it, that's why a bunch of Seattle bands are it, but Jason did most of the work, and me and Joel Myrene paid for most of it. Bad title aside, this is just the type of release I was happy to get behind again. It features tons of bands that represented what was going on in the Northwest punk and hardcore in 1999. And like the first 10 Things compilation, 2/3 of the bands were no longer around within a year or two of it's release. Ha ha ha. So here she is, my second Northwest punk compilation CD for downloading. I made the MP3 files a little smaller this time, but still high quality. Feel free to repost the link to these, copy them, and spread them around on torrents. At this point I'm just putting this stuff up so these bands are remembered, I think only Bloodhag and Bristle are still standing and you can support them by seeing them live.

1. The Zero Squad “Pain Pill
2. Wayward Youth “I Won’t Conform
3. Positively Negative “Bastards in Blue
4. Violation “Fuck it All
5. Maurice’s Little Bastards “Rampage
6. Iowa Hawkeyes “Meat & Plastic
7. Sikness “Standard Price
8. Section One “Wake Up
9. Other Special Guests “Endless Sleep
10. Ample “Justice Machine
11. Potbelly “Nimphomaniac
12. 46 Short “Problem
13. The Trots “Paid to Poo
14. Bug Hunt “In Your Face
15. Bristle “To Cool
16. Abortion Clinic “Misery
17. The Shut-Ups “Beat Your Baby
18. Larry and the Gonowheres “Suicide Lane
19. Eternal 13 “Cujo
20. Bloodhag “James Tiptree Jr.
21. Brown Bottle Flu “Make Up

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