Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Misfits Reunion Photos

Probably not very surprising, but the Misfits reunion photos I posted to 10 Things a few months ago are about the most popular Google image search that brings people to this blog. It never fails to amaze me the broad appeal of such a goofy, but awesome band. I wrote about the show these are from back here if you want more info, it was November 4th, 1997 on the "American Psycho" tour when the band first reunited and had Michael Graves singing. I love in the first picture how multiple audience members are wearing skeleton gloves, how often do you get to rock those in public?


Anonymous said...

i got some photos and an interview with them from sleestak issue 4. So much Danzig trash talkin' I love it!

Anonymous said...

oops, wrong bloggy mcbloggersons account

Unknown said...

This was a pretty good show, but it was actually the second post-reunion show in Seattle, and because it happened after the new album was out (or at least recorded) I'm pretty sure it ended up being about half newer songs. The previous show at DV8 (with Cannibal Corpse, Anthrax, and Life of Agony) was far better, with a fully classic setlist and the biggest circle pit I've ever seen.

I talked to Jerry after that initial show and he laid out his plans for the band for me. That tour, he said, was for playing old songs. The next tour would be half new songs and half old songs. The tour after that would be after releasing yet another new album, and would be half NEW-new songs, half American Psycho songs, and "one or two" classic songs as the encores. Well, they stuck to the plan -- the show that followed the one at RKCNDY took place after two new albums had come out, and was almost entirely (shitty) new songs, with a token "We Are 138" at the end. That's when I, and I think most people, stopped paying attention to them. I did see them one more time years later, though, once Jerry had become the lead singer and was doing Ramones/Black Flag covers, and it was so bad that I actually walked out. I don't think I've ever walked out of another show.