Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Icki from StyZine and ex-MRR coordinator is now a full time photographer and photo editor. He pointed out a few weeks ago that The Boston Globe added a great section to it's online edition called "The Big Picture" that highlights a world event with a large photo essay. I've been looking at it every few days and the photos are just blowing me away, they capture so much emotion and energy, they make you feel in the moment much more than words describing an event can usually do. Check out this photo essay of the Greek riots. You think Seattle blew up big when the WTO came to town, but we got nothing on the Greeks. They took to the streets in huge numbers and fought back way harder with the police after police shot an killed a 15 year old punk kid Saturday, December 6th. Each day the protests have grown, the reaction has been huge:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Before, only read news stories & was amazed to find that young people from as far away as Dublin, Chili & Australia were protesting in support. Although I wish the shops had been spared, I can't help but be encouraged, in much the same way when Presiden-elect Obama was elected, seeing young people taking seriously what we see passively.