Friday, March 27, 2009

Murder City Devils reunion show photos!

I just realized I never posted my photos to the blog of the Murder City Devils reunion show last month. Duh. This first one of Spencer surfing over the crowd ended up on The Stranger blog, which was very cool.

I had a great time at this show. A bunch of us met at Noc Noc for drinks before it then all went together. I ran into piles of people I knew and had a blast, the band was great, the crowd was fun, and most of the songs I wanted to hear got played. There was one kinda weird part during the MCD's set where Spencer said he had something to say to everyone. Then everyone yelled and cheered. Then he said he was serious, and everyone yelled more, which was funny. Then he seemed genuinely pissed off at everyone for yelling and said something like "This is like a fucking Motley Crue concert" and through down the mic. We weren't sure if the show was going to go on for second. But they played more, with the band seemed all pretty pissed at each other and/or the crowd for a few songs, which I thought was awesome actually, it gave them a great energy. It was weird though to see Spencer get so pissed off about the crowd for going apeshit over the music. By the end he was back into it and was diving out into the crowd trying to sing while crowd surfing. But there was a period where I thought he might just storm off stage and never come back and I never saw anything that could have made him react that way...

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