Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Jesus Lizard brings their balls to the Block Party!

Hi, my name is David Yow. You may just know my band's name because we did a split single with Nirvana if you're a clueless asshole, but we were actually considered to be one of the best live bands of the 1990s. I was known to get a little wild live. Sure, there were some occasional fisticuffs and I was banned from playing Seattle for repeatedly stage diving into the audience despite the Fire Marshall warning me not to, but what a lot of people remember most about my live performance is my almost primal stage presence. Oh, and my balls. You see, during our song "Tight and Shiny," I liked to pull out my balls on stage. Back in the day it was quite a hit with the kids.

Recently my band reunited, and guess what Seattle, we're coming back to your town, the town that dared to ban me from live performances in the past. We will be playing The Capitol Hill Block Party, anyone heard of this shit? They are paying us quite well, so we're stoked. I hope it's not packed with a bunch of douchebags and hipster jerks. Wait a minute, now that I think about it, I actually I hope it is! Because I don't give a fuck about you and will teabag your whole city! We may be twice as old as many of you, but The Jesus Lizard will still blow away most the bands at yer little Seattle music festival. So get up front and watch us go balls out at our show July 24... I dare you.

For the full details on The Capitol Hill Block Party and getting cheaper advanced tickets, go to:

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meghan said...

First time I used a fake ID was to go see the them.
LOVED THEM, still love them. Hope they do a secret show not the cap hill block party.