Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Portland School of Rock kids cover Poison Idea!

This is all kinds of awesome. Portland's School of Rock kids cover Poison Idea's "Plastic Bomb"...


ChrisC said...

Hope they don't go out and hold up a pharmacy!

weatherboy said...

gives you a little bit of hope as to the future of rock, doesn't it?

kalle said...

hey, this is awesome.
these kids are really cool.yeah, portland i sgreat. i was stayed there for 6 weeks in summer 98 and a Poison Idea gig was cancelld during my stay for a stupid reason.check out our cover version of "hangover heartattack"

Michelle said...

Haha. It's so funny you've posted this! I go to the Portland School of Rock (I'm not in this video though) and have been following your blog for quite a while but just now noticed this! So nice you've decided to blog about us! That performance was from the first annual School of Rock Best of the NW show.

Check out us singing with Pixies frontman Frank Black (I'm actually in this video!):