Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bruce Pavitt's wife selling Sub Pop Nirvana test pressings on Ebay!

I dunno, what do you think? Is it tacky for Sub Pop owner Bruce Pavitt to have his wife selling the test pressing for the new Nirvana Bleach reissue on Ebay? Before it's even come out? Seems like if you were the label owner, you could make say 100 test pressings and make a lot of money selling them... hmmm. Regardless, Jyoti Pavitt is doing just that right now on Ebay. Closing in 20 minutes and already past a grand... for new vinyl that we don't yet know is very rare.

Update: It actually is out, I just never got my pre-ordered copies! I emailed Sub Pop and it sounds like they misplaced a few of the pre-orders and are on it, shipping tomorrow (thanks Sam at Sub Pop!). The test pressings sold for $1,776. I think that's pretty steep for something that just came out and the buyer doesn't know how many were made of. Also considering someone has been trying to sell the test pressings of the original Euro release on Tupelo on white vinyl for 5K for a long time and no one is interested. But the price always goes higher when no one is sure what to peg the value at, when a couple more of the test pressings show up on Ebay, which is sure to happen, they will sell for a lot less.

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