Monday, May 5, 2008

The Loose Lips

This photo is of Shane White and his fairly short-lived band The Loose Lips from around 2000. Shane had previously been in a few bands like The Spoiled Brats, The Rip-Offs and The Infections and was writing a column for Maximum Rock'n'Roll around the time he started the band. The Loose Lips was a lot more rock'n'roll than his previous bands, which I think was a let down to a lot of his fans. They were very New York Dolls with a little Heartbreakers thrown in. I just put on their "Talkin' Trash" CD to listen to as I wrote this article and it still kinda fails to grab me, but I'm definitely one that like their garage rock to fall more onto the punk/garage side of things than the rock side. Still, live they put on a good show, White's a great frontman.

1999, "Two Time Loser" 7" (TKO)
2000, "Talkin' Trash" LP (TKO)
2001, song on "Fistful of Rock'n'Roll Vol. 6" compilation (Tee Pee)
2002, "Addicted to You" 7" (Just Add Water)
2002, song on "California Ain't Fun No More" compilation (Just Add Water)

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