Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nardwuar and The Evaporators

We here at 10 Things have been long time fans of Canada's weirdest export, Mr. Nardwuar the Human Serviette (serviettes are apparently what Canadians call napkins). Nardwuar is part music writer, part DJ, part musician, part Canadian historian, part interviewer and all fucking crazy. But it's crazy in a good way, everything he does is overemphasized, ridiculous, and somehow it seems he quite effortlessly makes everything funny. Before email, Nardwuar used to send me records for review with personal notes and letters, almost every sentence ended in an exclamation point... and that's exactly how he talks, like he's always talking to an audience and everything is bigger than life.

In the '90s Nardwuar started to make a name for himself with crazy interviews he'd do with bands and famous people, often being so annoying that he'd piss them off. His early videos included him getting kicked out of press conference with Gorbachev, getting tackled by Sonic Youth, drawn on with a sharpie by Jello Biafra, and hassled by people like Courtney Love and Henry Rollins as he tried to conduct interviews with them. Parts of those interviews and much more are on his recently released 2-disc DVD set "Welcome to My Castle" (which is named after a song his band The Evaporators has done for years).

Speaking of The Evaporators, on last times they came to town they packed the Comet. The audience included Neko Case, who came over after performing at Nuemo's to watch the band. The Evaporators combine pop punk and garage rock, and led by their fearless leader Nardwuar, they have hilarious lyrics and songs. Live they totally put out! Expect wacky costumes, hairy shirtlessness and crowd participation. And this weekend, Seattle, is your chance to see this garage rock'n'roll spectacle live! Touring behind their new CD, "Gassy Jack and Other Tales," The Evaporators are headlining at Funhouse on Friday night. The Voodoo Organist, TacocaT, and Science & Junk are opening. 9:30pm, 21+, $7. Be there!

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