Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Briefs News: New bands and they still won't have beards!

From one of Seattle's funnest bands, The Briefs:

We are not broken up but we are doing other things for a little while!

DANIEL J. TRAVANTI is now playing with some of our friends from THE BODIES in a new band called MODERN ACTION! They have a single or two out and you can find them on the place we hate to love and love to hate, myspace.

CHRIS BRIEF is living in Berlin and has a new Band with CLOROX GIRLS front man, JUSTIN MAURER. The Band is Called SUSPECT PARTS. They have a single out and you can also find them on myspace.

STEVE E. NIX has started a band with STEVIE KICKS, and ZACHE ACTUALLY (of THE GIRLS), called THE CUTE LEPERS! They have a few singles, a video and a full length album out.

Guess where you can find them? Chances are you can find them playing in your town in August!!!! Go to their myspace page for tour dates! If youre low on cash you can email Steve direct, he'll send you a stack of posters, you put them up at all your favorite skate spots, bathrooms, and public swimming pools and you and 3 of your friends are in!!!!!!! For info on that you can visit the Cute Lepers myspace page....Help them out they need some posters up in COLORADO SPRINGS, KANSAS CITY MO, INDIANAPOLIS IN, PROVIDENCE RI, PITTSBURGH PA, RICHMOND VA, DALTON GA, PENSICOLA FL, NEW ORLEANS LA, OKLAHOMA CITY, and ALBUQUERQUE NM

As for the Briefs.....well think of us as traveling through space in a deep sleep, only when we finally wake up, we STILL wont have beards!!!!

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