Thursday, July 3, 2008


Rancid was formed in 1991 by ex-Operation Ivy members Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong. Their debut self-titled album was released on Epitaph Records in April of 1993, not long after Lars Frederiksen had joined the band (he was in the band but not on the album), instantly gaining them popularity throughout the punk scene. Frederiksen would appear the following year on their "Radio" 7" on Fat Wreck Chords and "Let's Go" album, as well as every subsequent release. Rancid seemed to come along at the perfect time with the perfect sound. The popularity of Operation Ivy helped them initially get attention, but the band had a great way of combining street punk and catchier pop punk and writing great tunes. People took notice and they rode the wave of punk's resurgence into popular culture along with The Offspring and Green Day. Today they are rock stars, but back in the mid-90s, they were just another punk band with a great sound starting to get popular.

I'm pretty sure this photo is from July 13th, 1994 when the band played Olympia, Washington's Capitol Theater as part of the Yo Yo Festival. It was taken by long-time 10 Things contributor Diona Mavis.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, Rancid kicked ass back then, i saw them in london around that time, was really exciting as i don't think operation ivy ever came to the uk !!BTW, that pile of food you've got below is feckinmassive !