Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chuck Biscuits, Punk's Most Famous Drummer, Passes Away

UPDATE: See my latest post, this was a hoax.

Probably the most famous drummer in the punk rock scene, Chuck Biscuits, died October 24th after a long struggle with cancer.

Biscuits began his lengthy drumming career here in the Northwest playing in BC's DOA in the band's early years up through the release of "Hardcore '81." When he left for California, his brother Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery took over duties on skins for DOA. In 1982, Biscuits joined Black Flag and toured with them for half a year, but the only recorded material he's on is bootlegged live shows. He played in The Circle Jerks (he played with them on the "Repo Man" soundtrack), The Weirdos and a few other bands for the following years before landing a permanent gig in Danzig in 1987. Biscuits played in Danzig until 1994, recording on the first four albums, numerous singles, and going on tons of tours. During that time he also laid down some drum track for Run DMC and played in Samhain. In the late '90s he joined and toured with Social Distortion on drums, until 1999 when he quit Social D and drumming in the punk rock scene altogether.

Just to recap, Chuck Biscuits drummed for DOA, Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, Danzig, The Weirdos, Samhain, Run DMC and Social Distortion. Put that resume up against any other punk rock drummer out there. During the past few years Biscuits has been fighting a battle with throat cancer, he passed away on Saturday at the young age of 44. Rest in piece Chuck, you provided a valuable part to the soundtrack of my life.

Here's Biscuits on stage with Danzig in his prime live in 1988:

And here he is playing in The Circle Jerks in late '83 or early '84 (the date on the video is wrong, he was no longer in the band by 1985). Watch and listen to how hard and fast he hits!

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