Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why you should go to Reverb today!

Reverb is a local music festival (in Seattle, WA for you global readers) that the Seattle Weekly has been putting on for a few years, each year seems decidedly better than the last. Critics might point out it doesn't have all the big names as The Stranger's Capitol Hill Block Party and they'd be right, but Reverb isn't trying to be like the CHBP, it is it's own beast. And the things it has going for it:
  • Reverb takes place in Ballard, a great neighborhood with a bit of an older feel to it than Capitol Hill. The result is it draws less teenyboppers and hipsters, more real music fans (although really, there will be plenty of hipsters that are real music fans).
  • It's cheap! Where many music festivals are pushing $30-$50 ticket prices these days, Reverb is $5 advanced/$7 at door for under-21 folks, $8 advanced/$10 at the door for those 21 and older.
  • It has a great line up of all (or mostly?) local bands
This is my highly subjective guide to who you ought to consider checking out in Ballard on Saturday at Reverb, organized by time-


Trashy Trash DJ set at the Ballard Loft. So I never roll into festivals early, if I do I burn out early. I wait until they got it going on and ease my way in. A perfect way to ease your way into Reverb is at the Ballard Loft with the Trashy Trash DJs spinning a fun mix of trashy rock, soul and whatever grabs them.

Thee Emergency at the Salmon Bay Eagles club. Merging soul, punk and rock not unlike The BellRays and the Dirtbombs, foxy Dita Vox will wow you with her vocals as the band floors you with their heavy, dirty assault.

The Cute Lepers at the Salmon Bay Eagles club. Think the Ramones meet The Knack meet the Buzzcocks. Fast powerpop and catchy pop punk, skinny ties, spiky hair, female back up singers. They have a few records out and kill it live.

The Redwood Plan at the Bit Saloon. I loved Lesli Wood's punky previous band Ms. Led and am intrigued in the new direction she's pushing with fun danceable rock, synths, and a less angry sound.

The Girls at the Sunset. Mining somewhat the same territory as The Cute Lepers, but with a lot less clothes on, The Girls play great catchy punk with a little bit of sleaze thrown in. Always fun live!

The Shook Ones at the Salmon Bay Eagles club. Today's hardcore scene is mostly underground and takes place at somewhat out of the way all-ages clubs. A few of the new crop of bands have emerged out of that scene that even non-hardcore fans should take note of, and one of those is Bellingham's Shook Ones. They spent time on Revelation Records and have multiple albums under their belt, my fave being 2006's "Facetious Folly Feat."
The Keeper at the Bit Saloon. Total D&D wizard stoner rock, using the genre of metal to make fun of the genre of metal. Whereas 3 Inches of Blood claim they don't do this, The Keeper seem to proudly take things over the top.

DJ Taco Supreme at the Ballard Loft. If you need a break from the live music, take a trip South of the border because DJ Taco Supreme always brings the rock'n'roll dance party.

The Coconut Coolouts at the Sunset. Garage rock dance party! The Coconut Coolouts take everything fun from '60s frat rock, early Killed By Death punk, and garage rock and cook up one hell of a party on stage.

There is certainly a lot more going on at Reverb than this, I lean towards the punkier stuff and there is hip hop, rock, pop and more, check out all the details here.

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