Thursday, October 22, 2009


For the most part I wasn't a huge fan of the '90s Olympia music scene. Most of the Kill Rock Stars, K Records and Yo Yo bands were too pop or arty for my tastes. And I kinda think the Olympia scene wasn't a big fan of 10 Things either, because we focused our coverage on heavier and harder punk and rock. But, there are always exceptions, bands we liked and covered, and we always dropped a few hundred issues around town hoping to appeal to Olympia kids into heavier music. While the Oly bands I personally dug were few, there was Bikini Kill, The Fitz of Depression, The Rickets, Godheadsilo... and then there was KARP. KARP were an odd fish for Olympia, they were heavy, used feedback, screamed... to me they seemed to fall somewhere between The Melvins, TAD, Helmet, and a '70s rock band--all things I liked. Now, a good eleven years after the band's end, I'm not sure how great of a business move it is to release upon the world a documentary about KARP, but fuck it, I know I'm looking forward to it.

Apparently the movie, "Kill All Redneck Pricks, KARP Lives 1990 – 1998!" is close to being finished, but they need a little help in funding it's production. So tonight Akimbo, 1776 and the Marionettes of Satan will playing at Cafe Venus and Mars Bar as a benefit for the movie. Filmmaker Bill Badgely will all be present showing some scene from the documentary with commentary. You should check it out! And, just to grease your wheels, here's a teaser from the movie:

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j_ingrate said...

KARP was one of the funnest bands to open for, the guys were awesome. I remember opening for them at the Old Fire House around 94 or 95.