Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Duane Peters

Master of Disaster Duane Peters has been skateboarding for over 25 years and has been credited with helping skateboarding evolve by the invention of a number of tricks in the '80s. In 1993 he formed the punk band U.S. Bombs and in 2000 he formed the band Duane Peters and The Hunns. In 2001 he started dating Corey Parks of Nashville Pussy. In 2002 he came to Seattle's Sea Sk8 to perform with his band and skate for fans on August 24th. It was a trip to see this little tattoo covered legend strut out with blonde Parks a good foot taller than him, then rip off his shirt and start skating a few hours before his band played. He was all over the place stepping up the level of skating and didn't blink for a moment when he gashed his head open and blood started pouring out.

He just wiped it aside and kept skating. Parks and Peters later married and had a son named Clash and Peters runs a label called Disaster Records that put out a great album by locals The Hollowpoints, among others.

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