Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I actually watched quite a bit of the " Rock Star: Supernova" show on television, hoping Portland's Storm Large would win. But I still thought it was ridiculous they were naming the band Supernova when there was already a great band in existence with that name. Apparently the producers of the show weren't smart enough to Google the name first. This is a shot of Supernova from 1996 playing at Moe's on Seattle's Capital Hill (now Neumo's).

Formed in 1989, the real Supernova are a great pop punk band who many of us got into through Sub Pop's rival label Amphetamine Reptile, who released their first album entitled "Ages 3 & Up." The best part about the band? They wore fucking spacesuits! They even claimed to be from outer space! Awe. Some. Man, those suits must having been fucking hot to play in live. The band has a whole fake mythology about coming from the planet Cynot 3 and crashing their rock'n'roll spaceship on earth that's hilarious (and pretty much ripped off by Peelander Z, who I also love). Today the band is still around playing live shows, but perhaps even cooler is this crazy kid show some of the members are involved with called "Yo Gabba Gabba!"

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