Monday, February 25, 2008

The Epoxies... no more?

There's been gossip since December that Portland synth punk band The Epoxies were breaking up. In their website forum it's been confirmed that singer Roxy's recorded a solo album with Drat the Robot doing the guitars and bass. From Drat: "Looks like we got 12 songs. And they are pretty badass. It's gonna take a little time to mix, then I am sure she will put those versions up on her MySpace. The idea was we were gonna release them as-is out of our home studio, but now I think we are gonna record them with real drummer and in a proper studio." While the band has made no official announcement of the break up, I've heard it confirmed by a number of different people in Portland, enough to say it's gotta be the truth.

Boo! I loved The Epoxies... luckily I saw them live early on, I was one of the first people to interview the band back when we were publishing Tablet. They brought so much energy to their music and live show, something that's missing from a lot of bands today. I wish the ex-band members good luck, I'm sure they will pop up in other bands soon!

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Anonymous said...

They'd all hated each other factionally since the beginning - like most bands, really - and it escalated from there. I'm only surprised it didn't happen sooner.