Monday, February 4, 2008

Les Hormones

Les Hormones from San Francisco came to town Friday night along with The Pets, both bands were playing Seattle and the Slabtown Bender in Portland. Les Hormones' sound is very stripped down raw garage rock, reminiscent of bands like The Sonics and Wailers that were rocking the Northwest back in the '60s. While I'm all for the nostalgia factor of '60s garage rock, what I like about this band is they make it raunchier, dirtier and more fun in many ways. They definitely got the crowd into their show too as the rocked the joint. You can hear a few song here, and the band will have a 7" out pretty soon on Nasty Product.

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Anonymous said...

thanks! Seattle was fun we gotta do it again. look out for our new 7" coming soon on Heads Up!