Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm baaaack

A one week lag in articles sets a new sucktastic record for me, but I've been on vacation in the land of no rock and roll: The Woods. Well, except when you fill it with metal cranked loud as you drink whiskey and shoot guns.

There seems to be constant bickering over on the Stranger's music blog when they write about King Cobra. I'm not quite getting why... the club is cool and The Stranger isn't giving it crap beyond a first snarky comment from music editor Eric Grandy a few weeks ago. It's silly to keep ragging on Grandy. He isn't a big fan of punk, metal, hardcore and garage rock, but he's actually gone out of his way after a first lame comment to highlight what's going on at the new club. As well he should, it's already a popular place and a new club in The Stranger's hood.

Then there is a minor backlash against a club playing metal, punk and rock on Capitol Hill. Ha ha ha. I guess in recent years it's been an indie rock and alt pop haven, but damn if The Comet hasn't flown the rock flag proudly forever and clubs like The Breakroom and Moe's put heavy and loud bands on their stages throughout the '90s. I miss The Breakroom and think to some extent King Cobra fills the void it left many years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Great point Dan,

remember "If you aint pissing anyone off, you aint doin your job"

see you soon