Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great poster art at Portland's East End

I was down in Portland last weekend and for the second time went to the East End, a bock or two off East Burnside, not to far from the Doug Fir and Jupiter. I dig this place, it's like a normal bar up top and in the basement more of a rock'n'roll bar where they often host live shows. The show area is small, much smaller than Seattle's Funhouse, it probably only fits 50 music fans squished in watching a band, which makes it perfect for smaller more intimate shows. And damn if they don't have a great poster artist. This shot above is from the bathroom, that's covered with past posters from East End shows. I love, love, love the consistently interesting and cool looking artwork.

And I have no idea how they could do the Black Lips here, that show must have been crazy!


RACL said...

Franz Nickolay?!?

Question: does this place ever let in underage kids? I'm moving to Portland in the fall and am looking for interesting venues.

Dan 10Things said...

I would doubt it, it's pretty much a regular bar upstairs and a bar with space for a DJ or live band downstairs. It's not set up like a club that could do all-ages shows, although I have to think the Portland regulations are not as restrictive as Seattle's based on their more laid back liquor laws.