Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The new Jello Biafra album, free!

The new Jellow Biafra album is available free to download from Amazon. And it's surprisingly heavy/crunchy punk with the same pissed off vocals and lyrics you'd expect from Biafra, that guy hasn't slowed down at all in his 40s: Download from Amazon for free here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's a Fucked Up Christmas!

Fucked Up reworked "Do The Know It's Christmas?" and recorded it as a benefit, along with Andrew W.K., Bob Mould, David Cross, Ezra Koenig, GZA, Kevin Drew, Kyp Malone, Tegan and Sara, and Yo La Tengo. It's so much better not having Bono wailing on it...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dragstrip Riot

"Who are these guys? They're awesome!" a friend recently said during a Dragstrip Riot set. And he was totally right, they are indeed an awesome band. Dragstrip Riot have been around since 2001 blasting out a mix of punk, rockabilly and hard driven rock'n'roll with songs about drivin', drinkin', fightin' and fuckin'. You can almost smell the cigarettes, gasoline and cheap beer as these boys step on stage.

Dragstrip Riot will be playing the 5th Annual Punk Kristmas this Saturday night (December 19th) at The Funhouse in Seattle. Also on the bill are The Them, Sledgeback, The Load Levelers and Neutralboy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brother James!

James Burdyshaw was already an established band guy by the time I got into the music scene in Seattle. He fronted 64 Spiders, who had one 7" out on Daniel House's C/Z Records, as well as two cuts on the legendary late '80s Seattle underground rock compilation "Another Phyrric Victory." He also was in somewhat legendary (in the late '80s Seattle scene) Catt Butt, Yummy, awesome garage punk band The Sinister Six, and he most recently fronted The Bug Nasties. James also has done time on my side of the music community, writing music reviews for both my old mag Tablet and Dawn Anderson's Backfire. Most importantly, he's just one fucking nice guy, he always stops and says hi when he runs into you and often has a great story or two to tell.

These days James is getting together various friends and doing a project he's calling Brother James and The Deciples of Junk. And he's also DJing old rock'n'roll and soul in various venues around town. The shot above of DJ Brother James was when he was spinning at the one year anniversary party for Gainsbourg in Greenwood. Within minute of when James started spinnin', the floor was crowded with people dancin' to the old soul singles he was throwing down. He spins at Studio 66 at the Lo Fi and other nights around town too, check his action out!

The Damage Done at Funhouse last Friday!

Chest tattoos, barefoot singers, fingers pointing in the air, and pure emotional driven melodic hardcore. Each and every time, The Damage Done bring it live. Remember the first time you heard, or better yet saw live, a band like Against Me? That kinda energy and emotion that the band has and the crowd feeds off? Yep, these guys have it, even at the smallest show they win their audience over and they have an every growing group of fans. Seriously one of Seattle's best punk bands these days, don't sleep on these guys!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm DJing a great show at Funhouse tonight!

Sadly another great uber-fan and local music supporter died recently before Bob Kondrak. Ben Russell was a kid I was just getting to know, having just hung out talking and drinking with him at a few shows, house parties and Shorty's during this past year. I call Ben and uber-fan because he went out to shows and events almost every night of the week, his support for local music was practically unparalleled. His main haunt was Funhouse, if you've been to a show there in the past month you may have seen the memorial pictorial on one of the tables there. Besides Funhouse I'd see him at house shows, other clubs, at the Pencil Fighting Championships, he came to my photo show opening... the guy was just fantastic at supporting local music and arts events. He died at home pretty suddenly due to complications with his diabetes, taking everyone by surprise. Tonight's show at Funhouse isn't meant to be a sad event though, it's supposed to be a celebration of Ben's life. Most of the bands playing were either friends with him or he was big fans of, Bobcat and I will be DJing, and the money raised at the door will go to his parents to offset their funeral costs.

Not only is it a good cause, all these bands rock. Dragstrip Riot always put on a great show, they'll be doing it acoustically tomorrow night. Smokejumper is an up-and-coming pop punk band featuring many ex-members of the band Dateless. And The Damage Done is what I consider one of the best melodic punk bands in Seattle right now. They will also be collecting blanket and coat donations for the homeless at this show.

Some interesting info on my favorite Bob Kondrak photo

A bunch of people have been coming out of the woodwork the past few days on garage rock forums and Facebook sharing their stories about Kondrak, which is excellent. One woman that knew Bob back in the '70s punk scene gave me some info on that punk kid photo I love:

"In your bottom & favorite BK photo is Nina who was only about 10 years old. I often helped her get home or to someone's house after shows at the Bird, etc. I really wonder what happened to her. I have photos of her dancing on stage with the Boomtown Rats looking so happy. Often she didn't look that happy."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bob Kondrak's funeral service details

This is a photo of The Buzzbombs that Bob took back in 1999:

I heard back from Bob's son Kuri, the funeral service is open to the public and I'd like to encourage anyone that had a connection with Bob through the music scene to attend. Here are the details:

Bob Kondrak's Memorial Service
2pm on December 12, 2009
At Evergreen Washelli, 11111 Aurora Ave. North

And who knew, in these fancy internet times you can watch a memorial service online. I know Bob had a lot of friends from the Goner, Terminal Boredom and Banana Truffle (old school Usenet) forums where he went by tet68, Bongo White or his real name. If you're not in Seattle, you may want to watch online, here are the details:

WHEN: Live Event Saturday, December 12 2009, 05:00 pm EST

IMPORTANT Please Note: This is Eastern Time (New York Time) please adjust your schedule to be available at the appropriate time.


You can upload photos, videos and comments by accessing the event link.
For later viewing of the event, please access the link approximately
24 hours after the event.

The location ends up having a punk rock photo tie in, which is perfect for Kondrak. I'm pretty sure the Evergreen Washelli cemetery was featured in the photo on the cover of the early punk rock single by Solger:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Buy my records!

I'm going through a decluttering phase and trying to raise a little cash to pay off the end of the Tablet debt, so I'm starting a big vinyl sale that should continue over the next few months. If anyone is interested, check out all the stuff I have on Ebay right now.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bruce Pavitt's wife selling Sub Pop Nirvana test pressings on Ebay!

I dunno, what do you think? Is it tacky for Sub Pop owner Bruce Pavitt to have his wife selling the test pressing for the new Nirvana Bleach reissue on Ebay? Before it's even come out? Seems like if you were the label owner, you could make say 100 test pressings and make a lot of money selling them... hmmm. Regardless, Jyoti Pavitt is doing just that right now on Ebay. Closing in 20 minutes and already past a grand... for new vinyl that we don't yet know is very rare.

Update: It actually is out, I just never got my pre-ordered copies! I emailed Sub Pop and it sounds like they misplaced a few of the pre-orders and are on it, shipping tomorrow (thanks Sam at Sub Pop!). The test pressings sold for $1,776. I think that's pretty steep for something that just came out and the buyer doesn't know how many were made of. Also considering someone has been trying to sell the test pressings of the original Euro release on Tupelo on white vinyl for 5K for a long time and no one is interested. But the price always goes higher when no one is sure what to peg the value at, when a couple more of the test pressings show up on Ebay, which is sure to happen, they will sell for a lot less.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Extreme Pencil Fighting 3!

I attended the third installment of Extreme Pencil Fighting at the Rendezvous this past weekend. If you haven't been following Seattle's hot pencil fighting action, there's more background information about it in this earlier article. This weekend's event was just as funny and fun, possibly even more fun for me because my ticket stub number was drawn and I was one of the audience participants this year. Let me tell you, I suck at pencil fighting. And I competed against crybaby Bill Bates who faked like I fouled him by hitting his hand each time. I ended up breaking my pencil trying to step it up before I fouled out. Oh well, good times. The Yellow Dragon, who went to the championships, but was defeated by reigning champ The Bird in the final round, was kind enough to share with me a few techniques to try next time, if I do have a next time.

The Bird taking on The Yellow Dragon in the final championship match of Extreme Pencil Fighting Championships 3:

The Bird victorious once again... can anybody stop him?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gloryholes reunion show photos!

The Gloryholes put on a fantastic reunion show Saturday night at Funhouse, here's a little taste of the action:

97-shiki 2008 Asia tour movie!

My friend Kammy drums for a kinda arty punk band from Chicago called 97-shiki. In November 2008 the band went on a tour of Asia that included South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, not countries a lot of US bands usually hit on tour. They shot a lot of film footage during the two week tour and I'm sure spent countless hours editing it down to this 35 minute tour diary movie. It turned out awesome, check it out:

97-shiki Asia Tour 2008 - FINAL from 97-shiki on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

William DuVall, once a punk, now a rock star

Does anyone else find it weird that the old guitar player from hardcore band Neon Christ now fronts Alice in Chains?

Neon Christ

Friday, November 6, 2009

Also Saturday night: The Love Me Nots and Extreme Pencil Fighting!

While I'm definitely going to Funhouse Saturday night for The Gloryholes, I'm also going to try to hit one or two other events, namely Studio 66 at the Lo-Fi and Extreme Pencil Fighting at the Rendezvous.

I've written about Studio 66 a few times before, it's the '60s mod-garage rock-psych-soul-Brit pop night at the Lo-Fi on Eastlake that Chris Porter and friends put on. A typical Studio 66 will include '60s movies, psychedelic lighting, girls in tall boots and mini skirts dancing on platforms, garage rock bands and music to go with the theme. A fair amount of attendees take it seriously and get snazzed up with their outfits as well. Saturday's event includes The Fucking Eagles and touring band The Love Me Knots, who are fun and sexy enough live to make this a must go to destination for me. The action starts at 9pm and the Lo-Fi is located at 429 Eastlake Ave East between the Mars Bar and Victory Lounge. Here are the Love Me Nots playing Studio 66 last year:

Also going down Saturday night is the return of the World Extreme Pencil Fighting League. This theater/comedy/pencil fighting competition night includes a host full of funny costumed characters ad libbing their way through a pencil fighting contest and was really damn funny when I went to it a few months ago. If you're looking for something to do before bands on Saturday or looking for something unique, definitely check it out. It's at the Rendezvous' Jewel Box Theater and doors are at 7pm. It will sell out, so I'd recommend making it there well before it starts at 8pm.

Gloryholes reunion show on Saturday!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fangtastic: Murder, Mayhem and Fang

California '80s punk band Fang recently came to town and played a series of shows. I caught them live at the Funhouse, where these photos were taken. It was a great energetic show... but I still had reservations seeing them and shooting them.

For those not in the know, Fang was a pretty decent punk rock band during the '80s. Their "hit song" in punk terms was "The Money Will Roll Right In," which locals Nirvana used to cover live a fair amount. They also did the song "I Want to Be on TV" which Green Day played live and recorded for a b-side. Fang's singer Sam McBride murdered his girlfriend and went to prison in 1989. Just six years later McBride was released, causing a fair amount of drama in the punk scene. McBride, probably trying to escape his past a little, changed his name to Sammytown, but he still reformed Fang. For the past decade the band has had a revolving door of members, a bunch of releases and re-releases, and toured.

There is a documentary called "Welcome to Sammytown" about the murder that played the Seattle International Film Festival a few years ago, somewhat surprisingly it's on YouTube and linked from Fang's website. You can watch it here. And read the comments, you can see the controversy about McBride, if he should be free now, how he got such a light sentence (people think he was a snitch), and read and hear all about his drug abuse and craziness. I'm writing all this to say by publishing these photos I don't support the singer or band, I didn't pay to get in the show, but still had fun rocking out to them. They put on a pretty damn good live show, even if they have a fucked up past. McBride doesn't shy away from what he did and proudly wears a California Department of Corrections patch on his jacket, which I find totally bizarre.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

20th Anniversary of Nirvana's Bleach

This past June marked the 20th year anniversary of the release of Nirvana's "Bleach" album. Whether you were a fan of what got known soon after by the international press as grunge or not, this was still one heavy kick-ass album that captured at least in part what was going on in local music at the time. I personally love this album, it's really the only Nirvana album I ever listen too, they went too far in a pop direction and got soooooo much hype when "Nevermind" came out that I just stopped paying attention. But "Bleach" was the perfect era of Nirvana for me and it's when I saw them the most live. Today Sub Pop releases a 20th anniversary deluxe vinyl version of "Bleach." It's a double album, the first being the original album remastered and on white vinyl, just like the original first run. The second album features a live recording from a February 9th, 1990 show at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland. Sweet! I just ordered mine, if you're a fan, you should too! You can order it directly through Sub Pop here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

GG Allin Bobblehead? Order yours today!

I'm not sure just what to think about these punk rock bobbleheads... I think bobbleheads are ridiculous and have never been much of an adult toy collector like many of my friends. A company called Aggronautix has been doing limited runs of punk rock musicians, most of the controversial kind. The Dwarves, Tesco Vee, Milo from The Descendents and GG Allin. Weird. Find out more about it here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chuck Biscuits death report was a hoax!

Interesting, and totally an indication of how easy it is to quickly spread false news as the truth in the Internet age. The story of Chuck Biscuits' death this weekend that spread throughout punk websites, forums and social networking communities was a hoax. Sounds like it was six months in the making fooling the blogger who made the announcement, but Chuck's friends and family have declared it to be totally false, he's actually living here in Seattle as somewhat of a recluse from the punk rock scene these days. Read more about it here. Lame that people joke about this stuff, but yay for Chuck Biscuits still being alive!

This seems like a great time to go back and listen to Chuck's contributions to the world of music. When I was in highschool, riding around in my friend Kathy's car, we totally jammed all the time to the Repo Man soundtrack (he plays on the Circle Jerk track). When I finally really dove into punk around 1986, DOA was a fucking staple, I played Hardcore '81 all the time and would go see the band all the time at places like the OK Hotel and The OffRamp. The first two Danzig albums ruled (he played on the first four), he also spent time The Weirdos who's first two 7"s and LP are insanely awesome if you like that '70s punk sound that bands like The Briefs obviously dug heavily. The Circle Jerks and Social Distortion? These are essential punk rock bands. Go crank some music Biscuits had a part in and watch those YouTube videos I posted earlier. See and hear what great contributions this man has made to not only punk rock, but the greater body of rock'n'roll.

Chuck Biscuits, Punk's Most Famous Drummer, Passes Away

UPDATE: See my latest post, this was a hoax.

Probably the most famous drummer in the punk rock scene, Chuck Biscuits, died October 24th after a long struggle with cancer.

Biscuits began his lengthy drumming career here in the Northwest playing in BC's DOA in the band's early years up through the release of "Hardcore '81." When he left for California, his brother Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery took over duties on skins for DOA. In 1982, Biscuits joined Black Flag and toured with them for half a year, but the only recorded material he's on is bootlegged live shows. He played in The Circle Jerks (he played with them on the "Repo Man" soundtrack), The Weirdos and a few other bands for the following years before landing a permanent gig in Danzig in 1987. Biscuits played in Danzig until 1994, recording on the first four albums, numerous singles, and going on tons of tours. During that time he also laid down some drum track for Run DMC and played in Samhain. In the late '90s he joined and toured with Social Distortion on drums, until 1999 when he quit Social D and drumming in the punk rock scene altogether.

Just to recap, Chuck Biscuits drummed for DOA, Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, Danzig, The Weirdos, Samhain, Run DMC and Social Distortion. Put that resume up against any other punk rock drummer out there. During the past few years Biscuits has been fighting a battle with throat cancer, he passed away on Saturday at the young age of 44. Rest in piece Chuck, you provided a valuable part to the soundtrack of my life.

Here's Biscuits on stage with Danzig in his prime live in 1988:

And here he is playing in The Circle Jerks in late '83 or early '84 (the date on the video is wrong, he was no longer in the band by 1985). Watch and listen to how hard and fast he hits!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jesus Lizard show review

I started off Friday night meeting up with friends at hipster hole the Cha Cha. I make fun of the Cha Cha, but I actually like drinking there, it's dark and has a zillion things to look at (beyond people watching). It was actually a bit of an older less hipster crowd that night, probably because other folks were getting their drink on pre-Jesus Lizard there as well. When my friends I were primed and ready we headed over Neumos. We just missed Black Elk, who I think are good, but nothing special. I ran into Suze right off the bat that used to shoot photos for 10 Things (and Flipside) back in the day. She'd flown in from LA for the show because she thought the LA show was so awesome, plus they wouldn't let photographers bring in real cameras there, and you could at Neumos. The club was full, but not at capacity, which was actually really nice. I'm sure the $25 ticket price (really $32 if you bought them at Rudy's like I did or $36 online) was a deterrent for a lot of people, people on the NW Punk Board mentioned they just couldn't afford it.

Within the first 10 seconds of the first song, David Yow was stage diving into the crowd. Awesome. It was a sign of things to come, as the band cranked through material, Yow spend plenty of time out in the crowd, either bouncing off the people at the front of the stage as they propped him up or riding around crowd surfing above the audience. Hell, he crowd surfed all the way from the stage to the back of the venue, a good 300 feet, then back to the stage while somehow still singing into the mic.

There's this great dichotomy in the Jesus Lizard with a very wild, loose performance by Yow that borders on totally out of control and the rest of the band, who plays really tight precise notes and rhythms and seemingly never miss a beat. I think some people don't get that about the Jesus Lizard, because even at 49, Yow is a complete wildman on stage. And people get the impression the whole band is pretty loose--one of my friends that had never seen them before said he was surprised how loose they were after the show. But they aren't really, while Yow's larger-than-life performance is loose, the rest of the band is fucking tight. I read somewhere that Steve Albini said in recording them that they were one of the tightest bands he'd ever worked with.

Anyway, The Jesus Lizard were fucking on it Friday night. It's like they never signed with Capitol Records in 1995 and put out those mediocre records and had the turmoil that led to their break up on 1999. It was as if we were teleported back to The Jesus Lizard of the early 1990s, only the gray hair gave away the 15 years time that had passed. The crowd ate it up, there was a large pit of sweaty bodies pounding against each other the whole show, stopping to reach up their arms to carry and support Yow occasionally as he tumbled over their heads. Great show!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's all politics!

For the most part I'm pretty disappointed by the candidates in Seattle's upcoming elections. Mike McGinn, the supposed progressive candidate for Mayor, has flip flopped on his tunnel stance and promises a lot he can't deliver to the music and arts communities, I'm pretty sure he'll say about anything to get elected at this point. Plus he's way more big government than I am, I think inviting a lot of government involvement in music and the arts always backfires with added bureaucracy and regulation. I'm still voting for him, but it's one of those lesser of two evils situations.

Same with the city council elections, I really wish we had better options. Nick Licata, who was once an advocate for term limits, has been in office way too long. Although his opposition, Jessie Israel, has the energy and enthusiasm Licata totally lacks, she's too green around the gills. I'm totally over Richard Conlin as well. And Dow Constantine totally wastes our money, but it's not like I can vote for Susan Hutchinson, she's anti a woman's right to choose. I'm still voting for all of the progressive/liberal people (well, I voted for Isreal as a protest vote since I know Licata will win), but only because there aren't worthy enough candidates to unseat them. Next time I guess, we definitely need some changes in Seattle's leadership, especially on the city council.

Really, the issues I care about that are on the ballot are the referendums and voting City Attorney Tom Carr out of office. Tom Carr has been a constant thorn in the side of music fans, clubs, bands and concert promoters and it's time to get rid of this guy. Please please please vote for Pete Holmes for City Attorney if you care at all about Seattle's music community. There will be a little protest against Carr tonight at most of the clubs around town. And when you have punk clubs, big clubs, neighborhood bars and big corporate clubs like the AEG-owned Showbox uniting on one issue, you know it's serious to the music community. Here's the press release about tonight's haps:


Seattle nightlife establishments from throughout the City are scared of what will happen if Tom Carr is re-elected on November 3. How scared? In an effort to raise awareness of City Attorney Tom Carr's anti-nightlife policies — and to emphasize the importance of a safe and vibrant nightlife — bar, live music venue and nightclub owners will observe a "minute of silence" on Friday, October 23, 2009, at 11:30 PM.

For one minute, nightlife as we know it will cease to exist in Seattle. Participating establishments will use a portion of this minute to inform their patrons of Carr's anti-nightlife policies and the importance of electing his opponent Pete Holmes. Carr, a longstanding opponent of the nightlife industry and the mastermind behind Operation Sobering Thought — a botched "sting" operation that cost the taxpayers over $50,000 and resulted in zero convictions — has continued his efforts to hamper nightlife and the arts as the election approaches.

Many in the nightlife community believe it is the ultimate goal of Carr's office to shut down bars and nightclubs in the City of Seattle, thereby decimating an industry that employs thousands of people and generates nearly $100 million in annual tax revenue.

The Stranger and the Seattle Times over the past week have been giving extensive coverage to the issue of nightlife. The bar, venue and club owners have been particularly fearful in the wake of blistering attacks from Carr's office that occurred at a meeting on October 6 on Capitol Hill. At that meeting, a member of Carr's office threatened to stop pedestrians on the street to find out where they were drinking and then use the information collected to issue citations and possibly revoke the licenses of those nightlife establishments.

"A vote for Carr is a vote against nightlife," said Crocodile Café owner Marcus Charles. "If you want someone who is pro-consensus, pro-music, and pro-arts then Pete Holmes is the only choice." Charles has decided to join the event and to take it one step further: The Crocodile will close down for the entirety of Friday night.

Participating in the Minute of Silence will be the Crocodile Café, Neumos, Moe Bar, Havana, The Saint, Trinity, The Sunset Tavern, Tractor Tavern, Cha Cha Lounge, Bimbos, Baltic Room, Rendezvous, Del Rey, Shorty's, Spitfire Grill, Venom, Amber, Funhouse, Nectar, High Dive, The Red Door, ToST, Skylark Café and Club, Trinity, Cowgirls inc., Tractor Tavern, Sunset Tavern, Lock and Keel Inn, War Room, Century Ballroom, R Place, Seattle Eagle, Quinns Pub, and many others.

"Music and nightlife makes a city great, plain and simple," said Havana owner Quentin Ertel. "Nobody wants to live in a ghost town."

As a show of support, the marquee at Showbox Market will be dark all night.

Yowza! The Jesus Lizard return to Seattle tonight!

I just couldn't bring myself to buy a ticket to the Capitol Hill Block Party to see The Jesus Lizard this Summer. I hate rock'n'roll outside, the sound is always bad, there is usually a higher stage and more distance between the band and the crowd, and outdoor live performances never have the same energy as that inside a dark, stuffy club packed with people and booze flowing. And let's face it, The Jesus Lizard are meant to be playing a packed club of fans, not some big festival that's equally represented with the bridge and tunnel crowd trying to get their rock on and hipster kids that don't know who the fuck David Yow is. Plus, by the time the Block Party was coming up, the rumor was already floating around the music scene that a full tour in clubs would come in October.

So the rumors were true and October has brought a nationwide Jesus Lizard tour. And tonight, Seattle, one of the most fun, heavy, fucked up bands of the '90s will once again play your town, in as close to a setting as they played the last time I saw them, maybe a dozen years ago--at Neumo's. Bring it Mr. Yow, I expect the show of the month from you, I know people flying in from LA just to see this show, you better not disappoint tonight!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


For the most part I wasn't a huge fan of the '90s Olympia music scene. Most of the Kill Rock Stars, K Records and Yo Yo bands were too pop or arty for my tastes. And I kinda think the Olympia scene wasn't a big fan of 10 Things either, because we focused our coverage on heavier and harder punk and rock. But, there are always exceptions, bands we liked and covered, and we always dropped a few hundred issues around town hoping to appeal to Olympia kids into heavier music. While the Oly bands I personally dug were few, there was Bikini Kill, The Fitz of Depression, The Rickets, Godheadsilo... and then there was KARP. KARP were an odd fish for Olympia, they were heavy, used feedback, screamed... to me they seemed to fall somewhere between The Melvins, TAD, Helmet, and a '70s rock band--all things I liked. Now, a good eleven years after the band's end, I'm not sure how great of a business move it is to release upon the world a documentary about KARP, but fuck it, I know I'm looking forward to it.

Apparently the movie, "Kill All Redneck Pricks, KARP Lives 1990 – 1998!" is close to being finished, but they need a little help in funding it's production. So tonight Akimbo, 1776 and the Marionettes of Satan will playing at Cafe Venus and Mars Bar as a benefit for the movie. Filmmaker Bill Badgely will all be present showing some scene from the documentary with commentary. You should check it out! And, just to grease your wheels, here's a teaser from the movie:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo show moves to BaBaLouise!

The punk rock photo show Amy and I had up at Tigertail was so explosive that the man had to shut it down the day after it opened! Ha ha ha. But the taxman did lower the hammer on Tigertail, and while I wish them all the best in re-opening soon, the photo show is taking a little walk down the street today to Babalouise. Babalouise is Ballard's very hip and cool hair salon that tons of my friends go to and you should too! It's located at 616 NW 65th Street in Ballard, about halfway between The Dray and Tin Hat. Stop by to check out the place, the photography show, and maybe get the rock'n'roll haircut that will wow your friends. Here's a few of the photos that will be up...

The Bronx, from 2008 at King Cobra

The Gloryholes, from 2005 at Funhouse

The Whoremoans, from 2007 at The High Dive

The Freeze, from 2009 at Funhouse

The Amazombies, from 2004 at Funhouse