Friday, November 6, 2009

Also Saturday night: The Love Me Nots and Extreme Pencil Fighting!

While I'm definitely going to Funhouse Saturday night for The Gloryholes, I'm also going to try to hit one or two other events, namely Studio 66 at the Lo-Fi and Extreme Pencil Fighting at the Rendezvous.

I've written about Studio 66 a few times before, it's the '60s mod-garage rock-psych-soul-Brit pop night at the Lo-Fi on Eastlake that Chris Porter and friends put on. A typical Studio 66 will include '60s movies, psychedelic lighting, girls in tall boots and mini skirts dancing on platforms, garage rock bands and music to go with the theme. A fair amount of attendees take it seriously and get snazzed up with their outfits as well. Saturday's event includes The Fucking Eagles and touring band The Love Me Knots, who are fun and sexy enough live to make this a must go to destination for me. The action starts at 9pm and the Lo-Fi is located at 429 Eastlake Ave East between the Mars Bar and Victory Lounge. Here are the Love Me Nots playing Studio 66 last year:

Also going down Saturday night is the return of the World Extreme Pencil Fighting League. This theater/comedy/pencil fighting competition night includes a host full of funny costumed characters ad libbing their way through a pencil fighting contest and was really damn funny when I went to it a few months ago. If you're looking for something to do before bands on Saturday or looking for something unique, definitely check it out. It's at the Rendezvous' Jewel Box Theater and doors are at 7pm. It will sell out, so I'd recommend making it there well before it starts at 8pm.

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