Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chuck Biscuits death report was a hoax!

Interesting, and totally an indication of how easy it is to quickly spread false news as the truth in the Internet age. The story of Chuck Biscuits' death this weekend that spread throughout punk websites, forums and social networking communities was a hoax. Sounds like it was six months in the making fooling the blogger who made the announcement, but Chuck's friends and family have declared it to be totally false, he's actually living here in Seattle as somewhat of a recluse from the punk rock scene these days. Read more about it here. Lame that people joke about this stuff, but yay for Chuck Biscuits still being alive!

This seems like a great time to go back and listen to Chuck's contributions to the world of music. When I was in highschool, riding around in my friend Kathy's car, we totally jammed all the time to the Repo Man soundtrack (he plays on the Circle Jerk track). When I finally really dove into punk around 1986, DOA was a fucking staple, I played Hardcore '81 all the time and would go see the band all the time at places like the OK Hotel and The OffRamp. The first two Danzig albums ruled (he played on the first four), he also spent time The Weirdos who's first two 7"s and LP are insanely awesome if you like that '70s punk sound that bands like The Briefs obviously dug heavily. The Circle Jerks and Social Distortion? These are essential punk rock bands. Go crank some music Biscuits had a part in and watch those YouTube videos I posted earlier. See and hear what great contributions this man has made to not only punk rock, but the greater body of rock'n'roll.

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