Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irish Punk

When I walked into Trader Joe's yesterday and heard them playing The Pogues for St. Patrick's Day, it made me think I really ought to do a post about Irish punk. I love The Pogues, I grew up in a big Irish-American Catholic family with my dad playing Irish drinking records by people like The Clancy Brothers. The Pogues always seemed like the perfect blend of that music and punk rock to me. But there is a lot more out there. Most notably Stiff Little Fingers, who's first two albums are in my top 20 favorite records of all time. There also is a great bootleg Killed By Death album I picked up with a nice sampling of '70s era Irish punk called "Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland." A copy is stashed here if you want to download it. The bands and track listings are:

Rudi-Time to Be Proud
Ruefrex-The Perfect Crime
Midnite Cruiser-Rich Bitch
Electro-Motive Force-Conscious, Wanted
Ex-Producers-The System is Here
Androids-Bondage in Belfast
Ex-Producers-Behind the Door
Pretty Boy Floyd & The Gems-Sharon
Doubt-Fingers, Lookaway
Defects-Guilty Conscience
Xdreamysts-The Heat is On
Protex-I Wonder Why
Victim-The Teen Age

It's definitely worth your time to download it and dig deeper into Irish punk!


ChrisC said...

shane mcgowen was born in England...

Dan 10Things said...

The irony that the Pogues are considered probably the most famous Irish band, while being British, is not lost on me. Although Shane did have Irish parents and lived in Ireland for part of his life, he and the majority of the Pogues are from England.