Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aspirin Feast video!

In 1987 I started dating this girl I met at the UW who had gone to highschool in the Tri-Cities. Through her I ended up meeting dudes that went to her school that were in punk bands, namely Christ on a Crutch and later Aspirin Feast, fronted by Mike Pitz. Mike and most of the guys from COAC had gone to Hanford Highschool. Aspirin Feast had about a 2-3 year lifespan and I'll give them a proper right up later when I rip some of their vinyl into MP3s. They played blistering hardcore punk and often had fairly crazy live shows. Tim from Aspirin Feast (who was later in Chicken) just sent me this link to some old video footage just added to YouTube. More should follow. This is Aspirin Feast live from 1989 at the Kennewick VFW Hall,Tri Cities, Washington:

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