Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This is John Atkins of 764-HERO performing live at Fallout Records on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Named for the phone number on the freeway signs to report carpool lane violators, 764-HERO was Atkins' two-piece band after Hush Harbor he formed with Polly Johnson of Bell Jar (later they became a three-piece when Robin Peringer joined the band). The band formed in 1995 and broke up in 2002 after releasing four albums, a number of singles and touring the States a few times.


  • High School Poetry 7" (1995, Up Records; 1995)
  • Now You're Swimming 7" (1996 Suicide Squeeze Records)
  • Salt Sinks and Sugar Floats LP/CD (1996, Up Records)
  • We're Solids EP/CD (1997, Up Records/Suicide Squeeze; 1997)
  • Get Here and Stay LP/CD (1998, Up Records)
  • Whenever You See Fit 12" (1998, Up Records/Suicide Squeeze)
  • Garrison 7" (2000, Up Records)
  • Weekends of Sound CD (2000, Up Records)
  • Nobody Knows This is Everywhere CD (2000, Tigerstyle Records)
John Atkins is currently playing in The Can't See.

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