Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Statics

Holy crap, this is Zack Hoppenrath looking even more wholesome than usual when The Statics played on of their last shows at The Monkey pub in the early 2000s. Usually referred to as Zack Static, he went on to form The Tokyo Drifters, The Repeat Offenders, and now fronts The Zack Static Sect. He's gotta be pushing 40, but looks about 14, that's what copious amounts of beer and garage rock will do to you. So get drinkin' kids!


Kevjones30 said...

Actually, that looks like the Zack Static band when they played with the Spits at the Monkey Pub in 2000(?) The Spits had all those flashing lights around them when they played. Jed and I went to this show.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly this was 2000 and we were called The Bad Girls at that time. The Bad Girls was one of my short lived bands between The Toyko Drifters and The Repeat Offenders. I understand the confusion, all three bands were very forgetable. I think there is a polaroid picture of us from that show that is still on the wall at the Monkey Pub. I also think we played with some band called the Sumantra Dragons that night. Ironically, my current band, The Zack Static Sect, has ednded up with exactly the same line up that The Bad Girls were, Alex, Joe and myself. The Zack Static Sect is also playing live on Sonic Reducer this weekend, January 19th 2008, so check it out if you can. Thanks for keeping all these old memories alive Dan!

Zack Static