Friday, October 26, 2007

Dead and Gone

The San Francisco bay area's Dead and Gone formed in 1993 and have been playing on and off ever since. For me they bring back the old hardcore sound of the '80s, before it degenerated into a macho mosh crew thing. Back in those days it was just freaky kids screaming and playing heavy fucking punk rock. Grrrrr. Dead and Gone are dark, loud, heavy, fast and kinda creepy, and yet totally powerful and catchy. I have to think that bands like Fucked Up and The Bronx took cues from Dead and Gone when reviving the hardcore sounds of '80s bands like Black Flag. This photo I think is from the late '90s, it's of vocalist Shane White when the band played at Rkcndy in Seattle.

  • T.V. Baby CD (1996, Prank Records)
  • God Loves Everyone But You CD (1997, Alternative Tentacles)
  • The Beautician CD (2002, Gold Standard Laboratories)

Side Projects:

  • Creeps on Candy
  • Talk is Poison

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