Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Man Army

In 1998 San Francisco band One Man Army's debut album "Another Dead End Story" came out on Adeline Records (Billie Joe from Green Day's label). Wow did I love it! The music was a perfectly executed blend of raw basic three chord punk, catchy song writing, smart lyrics and kinda gruff vocals. It was like the late '90s version of The Clash (1st album) meets Stiff Little Fingers (1st album). Really kick-ass. Their second LP in 2000 just didn't quite have the same magic for me and I stopped paying attention to them, I guess they broke up in 2004. But that first album is killer and they toured after it was released. They played a great show at Seattle's Rkcndy opening up for someone bigger, that's where I shot this photo.

Band members: Jack Dalrymple on vocals and guitar, Heiko Schrepel on bass, and Brandon Pollack on drums.

Jack Dalrymple and Brandon Pollack now play in Dead To Me which sound quite a bit like their previous band with a bit of a bigger sound and just released their first album.

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Anonymous said...

I loved these guys when I saw them at the Che Cafe in San Diego back in 1999. It was my first real punk rock show, and Jack blew my mind so much that I started a band within weeks of seeing that live energy. Just an amazing show, at an amazing venue.