Friday, January 11, 2008

9 Lb. Beaver

During the '90s, I loved Bainbridge Island band The Rickets. They had an '80s punk sound and a ridiculous sense of humor that came through both in their live show and recorded music. Singer Scott Reese has played in a variety of non-punk bands in the decade after left The Rickets, but recently he's "been getting back to his roots" with the band 9 Lb. Beaver. Now 9 Lb. Beaver ain't nothing you haven't heard before, but what they do is play funny, catchy, snotty punk with a nod to early Screeching Weasel, 9 Lb. Hammer and the Northwest (they sings songs about Les Schwab and do the Rainer Beer motorcycle sound from the old commercials). We haven't had a local band with such an un-PC attitude and fun sense of humor since The Piss Drunks. Check out 9 Lb. Beaver's MySpace profile for a few songs and their upcoming shows.

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