Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Luck Toy

Named after a dive bar/Chinese restaurant with questionable food in West Seattle, New Luck Toy burst on to Seattle music scene in the early 2000s with a refreshing brand of power pop mixed with '70s punk. If you closed your eyes and listened to frontman Stevil Dead sing live, you might just imagine it was a young Pete Shelley from The Buzzcocks screaming his heart out a UK pub (complete with the little high-pitched squeaks or hiccups that were Shelley's trademark). In this case the imitation wasn't annoying at all, it was near brilliant! 2002 was the year for this band, they played a ton of great live shows... I'm guessing they broke up in 2003. As far as officially released material goes, they had a split 7" on Dirtnap with The Cripples and one single of their own ("Battery Acid For Love"), they also put out a number of demo CDs. Here's what I think is their first 3-song demo (if you were in the band and object to me putting these up, just let me know):

Battery Acid For Love (mp3, 320kbs)
Jet Lips (mp3, 320kbs)
Zero (mp3, 320kbs)

Band members: Stevil Dead on lead vocals, Ken Jarvey on guitar, Steve Centari on bass, and Kelli Pain on drums.

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