Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Mexican Blackbirds

I love this description The Mexican Blackbirds used to have for themselves on their old website:

"No goofy stage costumes, no stupid pyrotechnics, no deep, meaningful lyrics to try and impress the locals with, no inside jokes, and no gimmicks to fool anyone into believing we're superheroes. No preconceptions or in-depth notions that one day the world will see it our way and we'll be the ones making the millions. The Mexican Blackbirds — A fucking group of mismatched idiots whose only common ground is alcohol and real rock'n'roll, who in-between bickering with each other, just happen to be hell-bent on turning out rock and roll — not merely rock music or 'hard rock.'"

The Mexican Blackbirds put the punk back in rock from Tacoma in the first half the the 2000s. On their album "Just To Spite You," released by Dirtnap Records, they blast through eleven adrenaline and booze fueled songs in about 24 minutes. It fucking destroys. Remember bands Northwest bands like The Derelicts, Fumes, Fuckers and Zip Gun? Yeah, these guys were totally in the same territory, yet charting a path of their own. Fronted by Chris Trashcan (brother of Stu from the Valentine Killers & Midnight Thunder Express), a bunch of Tacoma band vetrans on guitars, and ex-Valentine Killers drummer Jill, the Mexican Blackbirds put out a string of great releases and played tons of kickin' live shows. These photos are from April of 2002, I think the venue was Industrial Coffee in Georgetown.

Band members: Chris Trashcan on vocals, Mekko Pillbox on guitar (I think he left the band after the first single came out), Kill Trueblood on drums (and some vocals), Corey Knafelz on guitar, and Marty Sparks on bass.

  • 2002, "Ain't Got The Time" 7" (Tacoma Records)
  • 2003, "Just To Spite You" CD (Dirtnap Records)
  • 2003, Song "Burn it Down" on "Dirtnap Across The Northwest" compilation CD (Dirtnap)
  • 2004, Eleven songs on split LP with Pink Swords entitled "Black Vinyl Revenge Chapter 1" (Rockin' Bones)
  • 2005, "Fear Of Texas" 12" (Mortville Records)
  • 2006, Song "Second Time Around" on "The Funhouse Comp Thing" compilation CD (My Fat Ass)

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