Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yes, even more Catheters photos!

2002 was apparently the first year I owned a digital camera, I found a CD I burned with about 1000 show photos recently, hence the overabundance of photos from that year on the blog lately. I promise you no rhyme or reason to the timeline of band photos, stories and info here, it's like a funhouse ride where you get on and don't exactly know what to expect. I am quite delighted with the number of people reading this blog lately, generally between 150 and 200 people stop by every day, which ain't bad. It's really hard to compare it to print though, when I did 10 Things as a zine I printed 3,000-5,000 copies of every issue, but it came out only every 4 or so months. It's hard to compare web readership vs. print, but I do like the immediacy of it all, the instant feedback, and being able to put up a bunch of color photos, links and music.

Anyway, The Catheters. These photos are from a show at the Sunset Tavern February 16, 2002. I've already written about their history and discography here and featured past live photos here, so there is not much I have to add. Except... one year they had a garage and punk festival in Vegas called the Vegas Shakedown. Headliners included bands like The New Bomb Turks, Nashville Pussy and The Donnas, but tons of garage and punk bands played over the weekend, including a bunch of Seattle bands. The Valentine Killers and the Catheters both played great sets at the smaller stage at The Gold Coast casino. I was watching the Catheters set with Brain LaManna, singer of the Valentine Killers, and he was saying to me how the Catheters were going to be huge. He just had a gut feeling about them, that their sound and live performance would propel them into popularity. We made a bet right then and there, $5, he saying they'd be on MTV within a year, and me saying they wouldn't be. LaManna, you still owe me $5.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is the show that The Gloryholes and The Riverboat Gamblers played. If so, that was one hell of a fuckin fun show.