Friday, December 12, 2008

The Spits return!

The Spits are back... well, sort of. They played a packed show at Funhouse in Seattle last night. Derek from The Catheters was on keys. Sean Spits said they are looking for a permanent drummer and keyboard player and want to record another album, it's been five years since their last one. He also said after the album comes out, they want to tour the States at least one more time, or as he said, "Give it one last shot!"

The show was a blast, but I hate it when people bring a birthday cake to a punk show. It inevitably turns into a cake fight and the floor gets insanely slippery, which happened during one of the opening band's sets. My jeans smelled like frosting when I got home thanks to Vas stage diving on me and knocking me to the ground. Whoever found my camera in the pit and handed it back to me, thanks! I was freaking out for a second, it's a fairly new and expensive camera. Good turn out and a fun show!

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