Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More on the Tragic Death of Travis Criscola

From The Queers MySpace page today:

It's been a couple of days but I finally feel up to writing a quick blog. We were out on tour with The Cute Lepers and Poison Arrows. Friday night in Cincy-well Newport,KY technically-but anyway after the show Friday a few of the Cute Lepers and Poison Arrows went out 'partying'. Two guys OD'd. Travis from The Cute Lepers didn't make it and passed away. 23 years old. Joey from Poison Arrows is in ICU or just out of the ICU and is going to pull through.

We're all fucking bummed out. Travis was a great guy and not even a druggie. He just ran into the wrong crowd and they took him down. A few of the Poison Arrows guys were all fucked up and it was all a big fucking joke. Now Travis is dead. I'm totally blaming those assholes cause if they weren't around no one would have been doing drugs. Yeah they didn't hold a gun to Travis's head but they brought that whole dynamic to the tour. I'd be singing 'Cindy's On Methadone' and Portwood from Poison Arrows would be laughing and holding up his methadone tablet in my face. He was on that shit on tour as well as smoking fucking crack and doing coke and drinking whiskey and bragging about it. I didn't actually see them do it but it's nothing to brag about so I assume it's true. I'm calling bullshit on all those fuckers. Big fucking joke wasn't it Portwood? Fuck you. I'm fucking pissed. Why the fuck I didn't kick them off tour I'll never know and I'll forever regret going against my better judgement and not sending them packing.

None of us guys even drink on tour. I know Steve and Rob and Falcon and the gang from The Cute Lepers aren't druggies and Steve wouldn't be around it. Poison Arrows all called me a pussy etc cause I'm more into playing than acting like a fucking idiot on drugs and booze. But this is what the fuck happens. People die.Good people. Go to the Cute Lepers page and leave a comment. I don't have any info on funeral stuff or addresses where we can send cards and flowers. I'll post it on here when I find out.

I still haven't gotten the whole story-they're saying it was pills and booze. For 2 guys to OD on pills and booze would be like winning a particularly sick lottery. I'm assuming it was dope but I guess at this point it's pointless to speculate. All I know is a damn good kid is dead now from drugs. Fucking A it's not shit to play around with. I know-I'm a recovered junkie and alcoholic. Sorry to have to write this and this will start all sorts of bullshit but fuck it. It's the truth on what the fuck happened. If it saves one kid from OD'ing than I don't give two fucks-it's worth it.

As I say I'll put up any funeral info and if you can email The Cute Lepers or leave them a comment that would be rad. They're a great band and great people. Thanks you guys-Joe,Dave and The Queers.


Unknown said...

The Criscola family is accepting monetary donations to get Travis home and for his memorial. Donations can be sent through PayPal to:
Thecriscolafami​ly@​yahoo.​com via paypal.com

If you would like to ensure that they get the whole amount instead of EBay/PayPal taking their sizeable chunk it can be mailed.

P.O. Box 2777
Olympia, WA 98507

Anonymous said...

Travis was like my son. He and my daughter have been dating for five years, and they lived with me for much of that time. Travis was NOT a drug user. I have so many unanswered questions about how he ended up with methodone, and I've heard bits and pieces. They seem to center around Joey from the Poison Arrows. I'm very angry about what happened. Today is one month since Travis died and it is still so unbelievable to me that he is gone. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers, including his loving girlfriend, my beautiful daughter. I so much want answers to how this could have happened. Somebody must know the truth.