Sunday, March 29, 2009


I haven't said anything about the Crocodile reopening, mainly because I haven't been interested enough in most of what they've booked to want to go there yet. So I haven't had a chance to check it out. Unfortunately the one decent show I wanted to see was Akimbo/Brothers of a Sonic Cloth and I did indeed miss out that night, because Soundgarden played a few songs with TAD singing. I liked the first Soundgarden 12" and about half the songs on Ultramega OK, but for me I lost interest in the band ironically right when the world started to love them, when they started writing longer slower arena rock ballads and became my generations Led Zeppelin. Chris Cornell's vocals were always a little over the top for me, so I liked the darker and quirkier early Soundgarden stuff and "Hunted Down" remains my favorite song. So check out this vid below of TAD fronting the rest of Soundgarden. They did both "Hunted Down" and "Nothing to Say," sweet! And while TAD's delivery is always rough, growly and a bit creepy, I think it works, and at this point I'd probably rather hear him singing it then Chris Cornell. TAD was and will remain always more representative of what I thought Grunge was, if there ever was such a thing, along with bands like Mudhoney.

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Anonymous said...

Tad didn't do the Soundgarden set at the Akimbo/BOTSC show. He did it at the Nightwatchmen show a couple nights later.