Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bonghits for Cherubs!

You know what makes for a great bong?
Combining snakes, skulls and dragons into one smoking device! It's hella cool man, you could stare at it for hours when you're really baked. Totally dude!

You know what makes for a great promo photo?
Putting a cool bong up front and center with your band all baked on the couch behind it staring at it! It's like, whoa dude, I'm sooo stoned.

Cherubs formed in the rock town of Austin in 1992 and were often labeled as "acid punk," which I think mostly came from their association with King Koffey of the Buthole Surfers and his record label Trance Syndicate. At the time, where Sub Pop was releasing what got to be known as grunge and Am Rep was releasing a heavier noisier version of what Sub Pop was doing (which I think at the time we often called noise rock), Trance Syndicate was releasing a more drugged out fucked up version of rock in the similar vein. Probably the most popular bands on Trance at the time were Butthole Surfers, Crunt (a side-project band featuring Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland, Stuart Gray of Lubricated Goat, and Russell Simins of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) Roky Erickson, Ed Hall, The Pain Teens and Cherubs.

Cherubs played fucked up, distorted noise rock. They had two great albums, "Icing" and "Heroin Man," along with a smattering of singles. Someone put up a fan page for them on MySpace if you want to hear a few songs. By the release of their second album, the band had already imploded. There's been talk of a reunion in rock gossip circles now that all ex-band members are back living in Austin, but we will see...

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