Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love Happy Drunks!

I've never understood the dudes that like to drink and fight. They get drunk and fight with their girlfriend, their friends, or try to pick fights with strangers... it happens at punk shows fairly often. I, along with most of my friends and family, are the kinda people that get happier, more talkative, goofier, more outgoing and funnier when we drink. It's a party, we want to have fun. Take this guy in the picture for example. I was in Vegas two weeks ago. It's close to 2am and there is a full crowd watching some ridiculous cover band in a low-rent casino lounge. They are singing along to '80s rock songs and this dude, who's totally wasted, is balancing a beer can on his head and dancing. He notices me taking a picture and says, "Waaaaaaiiiit" and does this goofy pose. Awe. Some. I take the picture and not only do he and I start cracking up, so does everyone around us. The drunken goofy happiness is infectious and everyone joins in, because of you, beer can on the head guy. Good job for being a fun drunk!

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George Liquor said...

That man is almost my hero. I love people like him.