Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tonight in Seatown... Anti-Flag

This is a photo of photo of Anti-Flag playing their first show in Seattle at the old Lake Union Pub from around 1995, just before their first album "Die For the Government" was released. 10 Things tie-in, drummer Pat Thetic's longtime girlfriend Wandi wrote for 10 Things for most of it's existence. Over the years Anti-Flag has toured here a ton of times, released 9 full-length albums, signed with a major (RCA) then left it for an indie label again, and toured the world. They've also remained politically active their entire career. Their music has always blended politics, pop punk and '70s punk in a way that's catchy and fun, while spreading a message. Tonight Anti-Flag plays at Seattle's El Corazon, along with guyliner sporting Aiden, Cancer Bats, Broadway Calls, and Trash Talk. The Dreadful Children will be playing the free afterparty in the lounge.

(El Corazón) While all of these bands reside under the broad umbrella of "punk," it's still a really odd lineup. Do fans of Trash Talk's nihilistic, Infest-inspired tantrums really want to sit through Anti-Flag's Anglophilic punk revival? Will the beards-beers-and-BO hardcore crowd really want to stick around after the Cancer Bats' set to see a bunch of teenagers dressed up like Tim Burton characters fawning for the emo power-balladry of Aiden? And do any of the aforementioned folks want to see Broadway Calls' clean-cut pop punk? Strangely, this tour is titled "The Economy Sucks, Let's Party Tour." If you can somehow appreciate the intended crossover appeal within this eclectic bill, you're in luck. Otherwise, paying $16 to see one band during a recession ain't much of a party. BRIAN COOK

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